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Q: Rapid evolution in technology is both challenge as well as panacea for India’s border security. Explain with relevant examples. (15 Marks, 250 Words)

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Rapidly evolving technologies like drones, sensors, encrypted apps can increase scope for infiltration as well as make border security more convenient for security personnels.

Technology as panacea:
· Use of technology like BOLD-QIT under CIBMS for better border management in char lands and multiple river channels, where border fencing is not possible.

  • Smart fencing across Pakistan-border with infra-red technology to detect infiltration even in dense fogs and poor visibility situation.
    · Drones can be used for keeping an eye on infiltration through inhospitable terrains like deep passes.
    · Cross-border tunnel detection (used by terrorists and infiltrators) through Radio imaging method, Gradiometer and Electromagnetic radio frequency method.
    · Use of jet packs by soldiers near border areas for swift deployment and ensuring terrain superiority in the fight against infiltration and terrorism.
    · Using a combination of UGS (Underground Sensors), camera systems and other types of technologies like microwave intrusion detection systems that alerts border guards of activity near borders when people or vehicles get too close to any border.
    · Use of transponders on fishing boats and dhows to enable their tracking and identify any illegal fishing boat along Indian coasts.

Technology as a challenge:
· Drones are being used for infiltrating weapons and contraband substances from across the border without getting traced by radars. E.g.- Drones dropping weapons and drugs in Punjab.
· Cryptocurrencies used for hawala transfers, terror funding etc.
· Use of dark net for communication between terror groups, selling of illegal weapons etc. from across the border.
· Encrypted applications used by individuals for planning and executing violence, without getting tracked by security agencies.

Measures to tackle challenges posed by technology:
· Advanced Drone Detection: Invest in drone detection technology like radar systems and anti-drone solutions to thwart smuggling attempts.
· Cryptocurrency Regulation: Establish robust regulations on cryptocurrency usage to curb illegal financial transactions and terror funding.
· Dark Web Monitoring: Enhance cyber surveillance to detect and prevent illicit activities on the dark web, curbing terror group communication.
· Encryption Policies: Formulate stringent encryption policies to balance privacy with security, ensuring agencies can access critical information when necessary.

In recent times, India has adopted technologies like CIBMS, smart fencing, anti-drone jammers etc. and is in the process of getting jetpacks to prevent misuse of technology and make border security more robust.