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Art & Culture Module for Prelims 2022

By Nikhil Sheth Sir

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Validity: Till 5 June, 2022

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  • Total 50 hours of classes covering comprehensive syllabus of Art & Culture for UPSC Prelims 2021
  • Well-structured lecture plan
  • Comprehensive coverage of various dimensions asked in UPSC previous years papers
  • Time bound coverage of syllabus
  • Handouts on each topic
  • Personalized mentorship

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Art & Culture Module for Prelims 2021
Lecture Plan
Class Topics Micro-Topics
1     Orientation Scope of the syllabus (PYQ analysis, Sources and Books)
Content of the syllabus (overview, elements, perspective)
Art and Culture – Meaning and Concepts, Archaeological/Religious viewpoints
2 Religion Overview of all religious perspective + structural/functional aspect
Vedas and Upanishads
3 Religion  6th century BCE Chintan
4 Religion  Jainism
6 Schools of Philosophy
5 Religion Acharya Tradition
Bhakti – South and North
6     Architecture Introduction, Key words, Concepts, Overview of evolution
Stupa Evolution
7     Architecture Rock-cut caves – evolution
Temples – Introduction
8     Architecture Nagara, Dravida, Vesara – regional evolution
9     Architecture Indo-Islamic – introduction, basics
 Delhi Sultanate
10     Architecture Mughal Architecture
11  Sculpture Mauryan – Pillar capitals and other sculpture
Shunga Sculpture
Regional Aspects – Mathura, Gandhara, Amravati
Developments in the North
South – Chola, Chalukya/Hoyasala etc
12  Painting Pre-Historic Painting
Mural – Ajanta, Bagh etc
Miniature – Introduction
13  Painting Mughal Paintings
Miniature – Pahadi, Rajput, Deccan
14  Dance Classical – meaning, concept
Classical Dance forms
15  Music Elements
Hindustani, Carnatic traditions
16  Literature Literature evolution timeline and types (religious, secular, regional, history, foreign)
 Sangam Literature
Sanskrit Kavya Literature
Sanskrit Drama
Scientific Literature


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