History Optional

History Optional Comprehensive Tests

By Rajnish Raj Sir

Start Date: 20 Dec 2020
Delivery Mode: Online & Offline
Number of Tests: 2

Course Fee: ₹ 2,000

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  • Two UPSC quality Comprehensive Tests with detailed discussion videos covering themes and strategies
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These tests are specifically designed, in both content and structure, to cater to the needs of IAS aspirants planning to appear for CSE Main in January 2021. It is designed keeping in mind the evolving nature of the exam and dynamic preparation requirements. It takes the aspirants from their present level up by notches. 

Coupled with UPSC quality questions, detailed discussions, daily answer writing practice and weekly mapping practice, special sessions on the art of answer writing and other themes, personalized guidance through mentorship, and in-depth model answers, this is the best professional and qualitative test series that you can get anywhere.

Test Date  Syllabus
1 20-Dec Paper I (Chapter 1 to 24)
2 20-Dec Paper II (Chapter 1 to 27)
Test Weekly mapping practice tests syllabus
1 Hominid, Paleolothic, Mesolothic
2 Neolithic, Chalcolithic
3 Harappan Sites
4 Iron Age
5 Mahajanapada, Mauryan Era
6 Buddhist/Jaina Sites
7 Caves and Temples
8 Ports, Educational Centres
9 Inscriptions