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Monthly Daily Answer Writing Mentorship Program M-DAMP™ – 2022

Start Date: 20 June 2022
Delivery Mode: Online
Duration: 1 Month per module
Validity: Till each module end date

Course Fee:
₹ 999 + GST (Per Module)

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  • 1 Month per module (6 days a week), fully online module (Sunday off)
  • Complete coverage of GS paper

Mains Focus (QAMD – Question, Answer Evaluation, Model Answer, Discussion Video):

  • Daily One Mains Question – Model Answer – A Discussion Video.
  • Daily Detailed evaluation and personalized feedback.
  • Equal emphasis on static and current affairs.
  • Video access for each module will be available for the entire month.


  • Module-wise micro-syllabus
  • Doubt session with concerned faculty.
  • Guided preparation and answer writing discussion with a mentor.
  • Detailed discussion on ‘How to use Newspapers/Magazines/Current Affairs in an answer.


  • Question is released at 12.00 PM, and the Answer can be uploaded till 12 PM the next day.
  • Answer discussion video and Model answer will be released at 12.00 PM the next day.

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Structure of the Program – DOWNLOAD MICROSYLLABUS

Day 01 Monday, 20 June, 2022 Ethics 1 Essence, Determinants and Consequences of Ethics in – Human Actions; Dimensions of Ethics; Ethics – in Private and Public Relationships, Lessons from the Lives and Teachings of Great Leaders, Reformers and Administrators;
Day 02 Tuesday, 21 June, 2022 Role of Family Society and Educational Institutions in Inculcating Values,
Attitude: Content, Structure, Function; its Influence and Relation with Thought and Behavior; Moral and Political Attitudes;
Day 03 Wednesday, 22 June, 2022 Social Influence and Persuasion, Contributions of Moral Thinkers and Philosophers from India and World, Quotes.
Day 04 Thursday, 23 June, 2022 Emotional Intelligence-Concepts, and their Utilities and Application in Administration and Governance.
Day 05 Friday, 24 June, 2022 Aptitude and Foundational Values for Civil Service, Integrity, Impartiality and Non-partisanship, Objectivity, Dedication to Public Service, Empathy, Tolerance and Compassion towards the weaker sections.
Day 06 Saturday, 25 June, 2022 Public/Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration: Status and Problems;
Sunday, 26 June, 2022 OFF
Day 07 Monday, 27 June, 2022 Ethics 2 Ethical Concerns and Dilemmas in Government and Private Institutions; Laws, Rules, Regulations and Conscience as Sources of Ethical Guidance;
Day 08 Tuesday, 28 June, 2022 Accountability and Ethical Governance; Strengthening of Ethical and Moral Values in Governance;
Day 09 Wednesday, 29 June, 2022 Ethical Issues in International Relations and Funding; Corporate Governance.
Day 10 Thursday, 30 June, 2022 Concept of Public Service; Philosophical Basis of Governance and Probity;
Day 11 Friday, 01 July, 2022 Information Sharing and Transparency in Government, Right to Information Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct,
Day 12 Saturday, 02 July, 2022 Citizen’s Charters, Work Culture, Quality of Service Delivery, Utilization of Public Funds & Challenges of Corruption.
Sunday, 03 July, 2022 OFF
Day 13 Monday, 04 July, 2022 Ethics

(Case Studies)





Case Studies on above issues.
Day 14 Tuesday, 05 July, 2022
Day 15 Wednesday, 06 July, 2022
Day 16 Thursday, 07 July, 2022
Day 17 Friday, 08 July, 2022
Day 18 Saturday, 09 July, 2022
Sunday, 10 July, 2022 OFF


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