Sociology Optional Comprehensive Tests

By Nishat Sir

Start Date: 12 Dec 2020
Delivery Mode: Online & Offline
Number of Tests: 2

Course Fee: ₹ 2,000

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Before you get yourself evaluated by UPSC, ask yourself one basic question,” Do you have Sociological imagination “?

If yes, think over these questions:

1) How can you explain Industrial Revolution 4.0- the age of Artificial intelligence- using Marxian “labor theory of Value” and Weber’s theory of Rationalization?

2) How has the pandemic unleashed a new world order characterized by Hyper-nationalism and De-globalization? 

3) Work is a mass phenomenon and “Work from home” is a class privilege. Analyze the dynamics of work in the contemporary society.

4) Can you explain Indian society’s response to the pandemic using Talcott Parson’s Social system?

5) Can you explain the rise of authoritarian personalities in the global politics through Durkheim’s theory on Anomie?

6) Sociological perspective on New Education policy.


Can you explain these concepts and keywords to yourself, what is:

1) Fetishism of commodities

2) Reification

3) Discreet Castes

4) Women: gateway to caste

5) Disenchantment

5) Irrationality of Rationality

The game is not about how much you know, it’s about how do you articulate and approach. Put your knowledge to test right now, and learn novel keywords and concepts which will level up your performance and give you a head start on the competition.

Test Date  Syllabus
1 12-Dec Sociology Paper 1 Full length
2 19-Dec Sociology Paper 2 Full length