Philosophy DAMP 2.0 (2022-23)

Daily Answer Writing & Mentorship Program

Start Date: 21 November 2022
Delivery Mode: Online
Duration: 2.5 Months
Validity: Program end Date + 15 days

Course Fee:
₹ 5,999 + GST

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Features of the Test series Program:

  • Daily Answer Writing Program – 1 Question Daily; + 1 extra practice question
  • Evaluation of 1 question daily within 24 hours of submission
  • Video discussion for both answers daily
  • Live Zoom interactive session with Vishwa Sir every week
  • 4 Sectional tests (Indian, Western, Religion, Socio-Political)
  • These sectional tests will be of 150 marks each.
  • Evaluation within 7 days
  • Video discussions (no model answers)

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Schedule detailing: Complete Micro-Syllabus – Download

  (Philosophy DAMP 2.0 Schedule)
Days Date Day                     Syllabus
Day 1 21-Nov-22 Monday Charvaka
Day 2 22-Nov-22 Tuesday Jaina
Day 3 23-Nov-22 Wednesday Buddha
Day 4 24-Nov-22 Thursday Buddha
Day 5 25-Nov-22 Friday Samkhya
  26-Nov-22 Saturday  
  27-Nov-22 Sunday
Day 6 28-Nov-22 Monday Yoga
Day 7 29-Nov-22 Tuesday Nyaya
Day 8 30-Nov-22 Wednesday Vaisesika
Day 9 01-Dec-22 Thursday Mimamsa
Day 10 02-Dec-22 Friday Vedanta
  03-Dec-22 Saturday  
  04-Dec-22 Sunday
Day 11 05-Dec-22 Monday Vedanta
Day 12 06-Dec-22 Tuesday Aurobindo
Day 13 07-Dec-22 Wednesday Plato
Day 14 08-Dec-22 Thursday Aristotle
Day 15 09-Dec-22 Friday Descarte
  10-Dec-22 Saturday  
  11-Dec-22 Sunday
Day 16 12-Dec-22 Monday Spinoza
Day 17 13-Dec-22 Tuesday Leibniz
Day 18 14-Dec-22 Wednesday Locke
Day 19 15-Dec-22 Thursday Berkeley
Day 20 16-Dec-22 Friday Hume
  17-Dec-22 Saturday  
18-Dec-22 Sunday
Day 21 19-Dec-22 Monday Kant
Day 22 20-Dec-22 Tuesday Hegel
Day 23 21-Dec-22 Wednesday Moore, Russel, E. Wittgeinstein
Day 24 22-Dec-22 Thursday Logical Positivist
Day 25 23-Dec-22 Friday L. Wittgeinstein
  24-Dec-22 Saturday  
25-Dec-22 Sunday
Day 26 26-Dec-22 Monday Husserl
Day 27 27-Dec-22 Tuesday Existentialist
Day 28 28-Dec-22 Wednesday Existentialist
Day 29 29-Dec-22 Thursday Quine
Day 30 30-Dec-22 Friday Strawson
  31-Dec-22 Saturday  
01-Jan-23 Sunday  
Day 31 02-Jan-23 Monday Equality, Justice, Liberty
Day 32 03-Jan-23 Tuesday Equality, Justice, Liberty
Day 33 04-Jan-23 Wednesday Sovereignty
Day 34 05-Jan-23 Thursday Individual and State: Rights; Duties and Accountability
Day 35 06-Jan-23 Friday Forms of Government: Monarchy; Theocracy and Democracy.
  07-Jan-23 Saturday  
08-Jan-23 Sunday  
Day 36 09-Jan-23 Monday Political Ideologies: Anarchism; Marxism and Socialism
Day 37 10-Jan-23 Tuesday Humanism; Secularism; Multiculturalism.
Day 38 11-Jan-23 Wednesday Crime and Punishment: Corruption, Mass Violence, Genocide, Capital Punishment.
Day 39 12-Jan-23 Thursday Development and Social Progress
Day 40 13-Jan-23 Friday Gender Discrimination
  14-Jan-23 Saturday  
15-Jan-23 Sunday  
Day 41 16-Jan-23 Monday Caste Discrimination: Gandhi and Ambedkar
Day 42 17-Jan-23 Tuesday Notions of God: Attributes; Relation to Man and the World.
Day 43 18-Jan-23 Wednesday Proofs for the Existence of God and their Critique
Day 44 19-Jan-23 Thursday Problem of Evil.
Day 45 20-Jan-23 Friday Soul: Immortality; Rebirth and Liberation.
  21-Jan-23 Saturday  
22-Jan-23 Sunday  
Day 46 23-Jan-23 Monday Reason, Revelation, and Faith.
Day 47 24-Jan-23 Tuesday Religious Experience: Nature and Object
Day 48 25-Jan-23 Wednesday Religion without God.
Day 49 26-Jan-23 Thursday Religion and Morality.
Day 50 27-Jan-23 Friday Religious Pluralism and the Problem of Absolute Truth.

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