Date : June 9, 2021 | Tags : Modern India 
1. Consider the following statements about ‘Swaraj Party’,
  1. It was formed due to disagreement over legislative council entry.
  2. Motilal Nehru was its first president.
  3. It separated from the Indian National Congress in 1924.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

2. With respect to Mahatma Gandhi’s role in the freedom struggle, which of the following statements is correct?
  1. Gandhi was deeply inspired by John Ruskin’s book “Unto this Last”.
  2. Started the weekly newspaper Young India in South Africa in 1906 to highlight the plight of Indian workers.
Select the correct answer using codes given below-

3. With respect to lord Curzon who was the governor general during 1899 to 1905, which of the following statements is/are true?
  1. He appointed the Fraser commission which recommended major police reforms to improve intelligence gathering and establishment of Central Intelligence Department (CID).
  2. He took a keen interest in conservation of Indian monuments.
  3. Under his influence the Younghusband mission was sent to Tibet to increase British influence in the region.
Select the correct answer using codes given below-

4. According to which one of the following plans/reports, the decision with regard to the partition of Punjab and Bengal was to be taken on the basis of voting of the Members of the respective Legislative Assemblies?

5. With respect to the Vaikom Satyagraha of 1924 launched in the princely state of Travancore, which of the following statements are correct?
  1. The movement was a temple entry movement that argued for the entry of lower castes, particularly, the Ezhavas in the temple premises.
  2. Both Gandhi and Periyar participated in Viakom satyagraha.
Select the correct answer using codes given below-