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S. Avi (Mathematics Optional)

Avi Singh (Mathematics)

S. Avi graduated from IIT Roorkee with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He cracked Indian Engineering Services examination in his first attempt.

He has also scored one of the highest marks in Mathematics Optional of UPSC CSE. He has been guiding students for the last five years.

His deep interest in the discipline of Mathematics has led him to teach it as an optional. He has changed paradigm of Mathematics pedagogy. This makes him famous among students and has rejuvenated interest in the subject especially for the exam. He enables students to visualize the concepts e.g. cone as Joker’s hat or Shiv Damaru as hyperboloid. Those students whom he guides always feel that Mathematics is not just about formulas but it’s poetry.

He is responsive and is always there to help his students in all times . His test series program is as per the changing pattern of the exam and needs of answer writing skills.

The questions are extensively researched, balanced ,exhaustive and anticipatory. So believe and explore at Level Up IAS and make your dreams reality.

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Tejal Khandelwal (PSIR)

Her academics are Majors in Political Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She has more than three years of teaching experience in reputed institutes in Mumbai and Delhi. She focuses on originality and “thinking without barriers.” She tries to provide a new learning approach towards the subject which makes her distinct from others. She not only believes in imparting knowledge but training students to guide them at every step. She becomes the perfect mentor any aspirant can ask for. She is always connected with her students through various modes of communication and guides them at every step of the exam. She builds capacity of students by “individual focused approach” which enables them to think innovatively and present new ways of writing in the exam. She aptly interlinks theory and dynamic portions with current events. She is truly the obvious choice for those students who want individual mentoring and feedback.

Santosh Kumar (Director)

Emerged as the biggest name for Current Affairs, S&T, and Environment in Civil Service Exam Preparation in Delhi. He has taught the largest Batch exclusively for Current Affairs in Delhi for the 2019-20 CSE examination. He is especially known for his Exhaustive coverage, Student-friendly approach, and Exam centric approach.

Karandeep Singh (Director, Anthropology Faculty)

Mr. Karandeep Singh is known for his unique style of teaching Anthropology Optional subject. He has become the most popular teacher among students because of exceptional results they score Anthropology with his personalized and professional guidance.

He believes in gradually building up from the very basics and level up step by step to the exam requirements. Apart from his foundation course, his Anthropology Test Series is highly appreciated due to UPSC level quality of questions, precise checking, and detailed discussions. He takes care of each student individually and provides customized guidance.


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