About Us

LevelUp IAS is an edu-tech initiative to make top-quality education affordable, available, and accessible to each and every candidate aspiring to achieve the top rank in the Civil Services Examination and Judicial Services Examination.

These prestigious exams have been a dream of many but only a few with right guidance and resources start early and practically prepare for it. In this competition, the common people have the deck stacked against them. We aim to provide quality teaching and guidance to them and also provide an intriguing platform like free slots no download or registration to help realize this very dream.

The combination of the best faculties, right pedagogy and apt platform is the signature of Level Up IAS.


Values and Mission

We intend to deliver quality education for the benefit of all. We know that education can change lives, uplift families, revive economies, and reform societies. Our efforts are directed to help those who aspire but can’t afford it. Quality service delivery at an affordable cost is what makes the core of our endeavor.

We, at Level Up, intend to revolutionize education by making it relevant, useful, accessible and affordable. In short, we are striving to put life into the fundamental right of education. Our mission is to empower every child with the ability to raise her “Wings of Fire” and take the flight of purposeful life. 

Our Team

Our Faculty