Philosophy Optional Foundation Batch – CSE 2024

By Vishwajeet Sir (Ex – IAAS)
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Course Fee

Online Mode: ₹45,000

Offline Mode: ₹47,000

General Studies & Philosophy Optional Combined Package

Online Mode: ₹85,000

Offline Mode: ₹90,000

Key Features

Other Details


  • Total 100 Lectures
  • Running notes in class for immediate revision
  • Exhaustive Printed notes
  • Regular focus on answer writing (Daily answer writing in class + “Mini Test” after end of every thinker)
  • 4 Sectional tests during the course with proper evaluation and video discussion at the end of every section
  • Sufficient time for revision before every sectional Test
  • Post Prelims – Only Booster is included
  • All in one package – Understanding, Revision, Answer Writing, Test Series, Mentoring
  • Rigorous and Interesting way of teaching
  • 5 days a week lectures with ample room for simultaneous revision
  • Personal sessions with the teacher for doubt clearing when required
  • Live Class timings (Both Online/Offline mode) – Monday to Friday – 11:00am to 01:30pm
  • Each class video can be watched a maximum of three times (1 Live + 2 Times Recorded).
  • Handouts – Hard Copy for Offline students / Soft Copy for Online students
  • The course validity end date will be the same for all the students, irrespective of their admission date.
  • All our lectures are under the license of copyright protection, under the Copyright Act 1957 (the Act), supported by the Copyright Rules 1958 (the Rules), International Copyright Order, 1999 and Copyright Act in 2012. So copying our videos, illegal piracy, downloads, sharing, distribution etc. are strictly not allowed. We will take strict legal action against people doing so.
  • We have embedded tracking of video usage with the location, IP and we collect data on the video usage to check if there are any suspicious downloads of video happening with some third-party software. In such cases, the culprits will not be given any warning from our end; instead, strict legal action will be enforced.
  • Sharing of the user’s login and password is strictly prohibited. If any student is found doing so, his account would be suspended, and we will file a legal case of data theft and piracy against the student. Please do not share logins with your friends; else you will be in deep trouble.
  • There is access limit for each student – based on the course validity (date mentioned in the course features) and the total duration for which a student can watch any particular video (three times of the length of the video). Under no circumstance requests to extend the validity or increase the view duration will be entertained.
  • You may be mandatorily required to register the device from which you will be permitted to access the student portal to consume the online services. LevelUP IAS withholds the right to keep the number of devices registered limited.
  • Students are advised to have minimum internet speed of 2 Mbps for smooth experience. For mobile, videos run efficiently on 4G networks.