Strategy for UPSC Maths Optional Preparation.

UPSC Mathematics Optional is a very rewarding optional. If prepared in a proper way under proper guidance , it alone can ensure your entry in the Civil Services. So let’s discuss how to ensure maximum marks in UPSC maths optional:

  1. Early Mover Advantage: If you are in college then start taking your mathematics courses seriously. Increase the number of electives from Maths Department. Start solving PYQs of those topics which you have covered.
  2. Start from easy : Vector , Analytical Geometry , Calculus , Numerical Analysis etc are easy topics. One can start from these topics to build the momentum.
  3. Keep on referring PYQs for knowing the breadth and depth of the topic.
  4. Follow few standard books and revise them multiple times.
  5. Join any test series to evaluate yourself.
  6. Try to cover the variety.

Subject Wise Strategy for UPSC Maths Optional Preparation :

  1. Linear Algebra: Follow the recommended books. Make formula sheets. Cover Matrix portion seriously as tricky questions are being asked from this section. Solving PYQs is enough. For edge, you can also prepare proof of the theorems.
  2. ODE: Easy topic. Set questions and set methods. For Laplace portion, you can refer Schaum.
  3. Analytical geometry: Krishna Series or PN Chatterjee is sufficient . Try to visualize as much as possible. Various standards should be at tips. Questions are from the book only, so practice hard.
  4. Calculus: Standard books and previous year questions will do the magic.
  5. Dynamics and Statics : Solved examples given in Krishna Series books are more than sufficient.
  6. Vector : Standard book is sufficient . For TNB system, complete with the help of google search based on PYQs.
  7. Modern Algebra : This is considered the most difficult topic in Maths. Try to Cover from Khanna and Bhambri and supplement it with Gallian. Do multiple readings and soon you will start feeling the subject.
  8. PDE: Easy topic. Cover from Standard book.
  9. Complex Analysis: Start preparing theorems too as these are also being asked.
  10. Linear Programming : Routine questions are asked. Complete the previous year questions and you are done.
  11. Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming : Predictable questions. Cover error concepts seriously. For computer programming, just cover PYQs.
  12. Mechanics : Rigid Dynamics Part I by Krishna series is good.
  13. Fluid Dynamics : Selective reading from MDR is needed. Don’t go deep as ROI is poor. Solving PYQs will do the trick.

General Tips for UPSC Maths Optional Preparation:

  1. Solve PYQs
  2. Make Formula sheet
  3. Compile good problems
  4. Revise very often
  5. Theory and problem solving both are equally important.
  6. Solve problems in neat and clean handwriting.

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