Many services help people write essays, but not many can be compared to This service was destined to help students all over the world. It all started with the creator – Juli Sheller. She is not your regular app developer, that is for sure. See, all the successful products have been made by people with personal experiences with something connected to this product. This platform is not an exception. Back in the day, Juli had many problems in her writing classes that her customers face right now. The fact that she lived through these obstacles and knew exactly what to do was a key to the platform’s success. All the services this platform provides are absolute must-haves for a student who wants to succeed at college or school. They solve the exact problems all the students have in their writing classes and improve their writing skills as efficiently as possible.

The website itself

This platform is not only a result of Julie’s work but the work of other professional developers and web designers as well. The design of the website is beautiful, minimalistic, and calming. Even a child will understand how to use this platform to its fullest in a couple of minutes. Every piece of information is precisely placed, tools have special buttons that activate them, and the essay order placement system is highly developed and convenient as well. Yes, you can even buy a written essay from the professional essay writer that work here as well. Even though it is extra service it does feel nice to have it as an option in extreme cases.

It has to be mentioned that the website is completely safe to use. Every piece of information about you, all the records of using the tools, and letters that you send to the team are confidential.

What do customers have to say?

Customers’ opinion on the website is the best way to assess its quality, and they do not disappoint. No matter what type of tool or service people use, they only have their best thoughts on this. You can find many feedbacks that describe tools as crucial, surprising, convenient, helpful, and even life-saving.

What does website have to offer?

So, here are the tools that the platform offers to its visitors absolutely free of charge:

  1. Essay topic generator. This is a great tool for everybody with a blank page fear. If you cannot start writing without having something to look at or are short on information, an essay generator is your solution. All you have to do is insert a topic you need and get a well-written essay with quality information you can learn or use in your paper. After that you can use that paper however you need.
  2. Grammar checker. This one is pretty obvious. You insert your text in the field, and the checker analyses it, looks for grammar mistakes, identifies them, and suggests a solution to them. Astonishing tool, considering the fact that grammar is the hardest part of writing for many students.
  3. Сitation generator. This tool can cite or compose your reference list according to your required formatting style. Chicago style, IEEE, Turabian, APA, MLA, and Harvard styles are available.
  4. Plagiarism checker. This tool analyses your text and traces any signs of plagiarism in it. This one is especially useful for serious academic papers that are being checked for plagiarism.
  5. Knowledge bank. This is the single storage of all knowledge and rules needed to write an outstanding academic paper. It can be used outside essay writing. These writing areas include articles, dissertations, college projects, CVs, and other academic papers. You will not have to spend hours searching for needed rules. Now you will have quick access to every piece of information you need to know about the writing process and even more.

These tools are superior to their analogs online for several reasons:

  • They recover content from academic databases filled with both traditional and modern sources, so you will not have to worry about relevance and quality of information!
  • The reports that you get from checkers are detailed and comprehensive.
  • You have unlimited success with features and tools. Use them whenever and however you want.

So, it was a review of This is a real treasure for those who try to perfect their writing and save their nerve cells, so we highly recommend it.