We at LEVELUP IAS a unit of LEVELUP EDUTECH PRIVATE LIMITED that sharing personal data online involves a great deal of trust. We are committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of the personal data shared with us by any person(s).

Utmost care is taken to protect the privacy and security of the information shared with us. Information shared with us is kept confidential and we do not share, sell, disclose, rent or license any personal data to a third party.

LEVELUP IAS a unit of LEVELUP EDUTECH PRIVATE LIMITED collects and stores the data when any user registers on our website or App to gain access to our services or give us in any other way.

LEVELUP IAS a unit of LEVELUP EDUTECH PRIVATE LIMITED may email its users regarding its new courses and other services occasionally. Also, we may send direct mails about our products, services and special offers which it feels may be of interest to the user.

LEVELUP IAS a unit of LEVELUP EDUTECH PRIVATE LIMITED has the sole right and discretion to modify its policy anytime in any manner, hence any user visiting the LEVELUP IAS website must check the privacy policy. Your regular access to this website and the purchase of any item or service represent your prior acceptance of the modified policy.

If anyone has any queries regarding the privacy policy, please email us at students@levelupias.com