Abhinav J Jain photo

Abhinav J Jain

AIR-014 | CSE-2021 | IAS

I am Abhinav J Jain and I have secured all India rank 14 in UPSC CSE 2021 and have sociology as an optional. I scored 285 marks in Sociology and I did the sociology test series under Nishat sir's guidance the test series was really helpful for me, especially for paper 2 which is really unpredictable and unconventional and the discussions of the test are really engaging so thank you Nishat Sir.

Parikshit Thoudam photo

Parikshit Thoudam

AIR-060 | CSE-2020 | IAS

Hello Everyone, I am Parikshit Thoudam, I secured AIR 60 in UPSC CSE 2020/21. I had taken Anthropology as my optional, I had secured 293 marks in the optional paper. I have taken Anthropology Foundation Course under Karandeep Sir at Levelup IAS, the classroom lectures of Karandeep Sir, the explanation that he rendered during the classtime, the doubt clearing sessions and the test series were very helpful. I would say Karandeep Sir has a very important role in my achievement and I sincerely thank him for his contribution.

Devesh Chaturvedi photo

Devesh Chaturvedi

AIR-148 | CSE-2021 | IPS

Hello everyone, I am DeveshChaturvedi. I am highly obliged to Levelup IAS and mentorship of Karandeep Sir. I first met Karan sir in 2019, when I was very much scared about Anthropology. His approach of anthropology helped me in state services (UPPCS – 2020 when I got rank 22). He further helped me like an elder brother and test series of anthropology helped me secure 278 in highly unconventional anthropology paper. Kudos to highly professional checking team and video team

Bokka Chaitanya Reddy photo

Bokka Chaitanya Reddy

AIR-161 | CSE-2021 | IPS

I thank LevelUp IAS and Karandeep Sir for their guidance in anthropology. It helped me in the following ways: I was initially part of Karandeep Sir’s free daily answer writing initiative. I used to write 2-3 questions daily and post them in Sir’s telegram group. It helped me compare my answers with that of my peer groups and improve the quality of my answers.Most importantly Sir was easily approachable on Telegram and on call. It enabled me to ask any kind of doubts. I am grateful to Karandeep Sir and LevelUp IAS team.

Smriti Bhardwaj photo

Smriti Bhardwaj

AIR-176 | CSE-2021 | IRS (IT)

Hello, my name is Smriti Bhardwaj. I’ve secured all India Rank 176 in CSE 2021. I am a student of LevelUp IAS, I’ve taken 2 courses here, one in DAMP in Anthropology and the other one is the test series for the mains examination and these have played a very important role in my journey and they have helped me a lot in getting better scores in Anthropology. So I really wanted to thank Karandeep Sir and the entire LevelUp IAS team and I am really glad to share my happiness with them.

Preeti Kumari  photo

Preeti Kumari

AIR-242 | CSE-2021 | IRS (C&IT)

Hello everyone, I am Preeti Kumari, I’ve secured AIR 242 in UPSC CSE 2021. I’ve been a student of Santosh Sir’s Current Affairs Program and it is been of immense help to me at both the preliminary stage as well as with mains examination. Santosh Sir is always rooted for me and believed in me and mentored me, so I am extremely grateful for that. I’ve also taken help from Nikhil Sir’s Art and Culture videos and he is brilliant, so thank you so much, Sir. I would like to thank the LevelUp IAS team for their support throughout the journey.

Abhishek Saini photo

Abhishek Saini

AIR-327 | CSE-2020 | IAS

Hello Everyone, My name is Abhishek Saini and I have achieved 327 rank in Civil Services Examination 2020. I would like to thank LevelUp IAS and especially Karandeep sir for the Anthropology test series. I joined the Anthropology test series at Levelup IAS under the leadership of Karandeep sir and all the tests were of a very good level the questions were similar to UPSC level. Karandeep sir is always available for the students.

Rammohan Meena  photo

Rammohan Meena

AIR-328 | CSE-2021 | IAS

Hello Everyone, my name is Dr Rammohan, I secured AIR 328 in UPSC CSE 2021 with Anthropology as an optional. Karandeep Sir has guided me in improving my answers and their presentation. He has motivated me and personally supported me. He explained the concepts which are tough in Anthropology in a very simple and effective manner through his video lectures. I thank Karandeep Sir and LevelUp IAS team for their support, guidance, and motivation.

Ayush Vikram Singh photo

Ayush Vikram Singh

AIR 341 | CSE-2019 | IPS

Hello Everyone, This is Ayush Vikram Singh. I secured all India rank 341 in UPSC CSE  2019. I got 279 marks in Anthropology. I took the test series under the guidance of Karandeep sir. I highly recommend sir’s test series and classes the reason being the kind of question that UPSC is asking is highly dynamic in nature and I think sir’s style of teaching is in sync with UPSC’s demand. So if anyone wants to join any classes and test series for Anthropology, you should definitely check out Karandeep Sir’s tests and classes.

Rahul Deshmukh photo

Rahul Deshmukh

AIR-349 | CSE-2021 | IPS

Hello everyone, this is Rahul Deshmukh AIR 349 (UPSC CSE 2021). I want to extend a big thanks to Karandeep Sir and Levelup IAS. I have been the part of test series for last two years. The quality of test papers were good and evaluation was also timely. I used to discuss with Karandeep Sir on structuring and case studies aspect. Also I would like to thank Vishwajeet Yadav Sir. I was in regular touch with him for interview preparation. The inputs given by Vishwajeet Sir helped me a lot. With Regards

Jyoti Yadav  photo

Jyoti Yadav

AIR-385 | CSE-2021 | IFS

Hi, This is Jyoti Yadav and I have secured AIR 418 in UPSC CSE 2021. I would like to take this opportunity to thank LevelUp IAS and especially Santosh Sir for his guidance and coverage in GS-2, GS-3, and mains preparation. The coverage for Environment, Science and Tech, and Disaster Management was particularly comprehensive. I would also like to thank Santosh Sir for being not only a teacher but also a friend, guide and philosopher in my times of spare, you have been very willing and accommodating all the times I had to call you just to cry. Thankyou

Pawar Swapnil Jagannath  photo

Pawar Swapnil Jagannath

AIR-418 | CSE-2021 | IPS

Hello all, My name is Swapnil Pawar. I have secured AIR 418 in UPSC CSE 2021 and my optional was Anthropology. I would really like to thank Karandeep Sir for his guidance in Anthropology, I joined his test series of Anthropology for this exam. Last time, I had secured AIR 635 and one of the areas of concern for me was Anthropology, but this time I’ve improved my score in Anthropology, thanks to the knowledge shared by Karandeep Sir, his explanation of tests is very good and he shared extra knowledge as well as beautiful examples.

Bairy Ruthvik photo

Bairy Ruthvik

AIR-461 | CSE-2021 | IRS (IT)

Hello Everyone, I am Bairy Ruthvik. I have secured AIR 549 in UPSC CSE 2020. I have taken my guidance of Anthropology from Karandeep Singh Sir, and his test series has given a lot of dynamic questions which have actually helped me in Anthropology paper 1. It gave me a huge confidence boost to write and tackle those unconventional questions, even the static part was very good and his detailed feedback and personal interaction has helped me a lot. I thank Karandeep Singh Sir for being an important part in getting a rank in Civil Services.

Pareekshit Sihag photo

Pareekshit Sihag

AIR-529 | CSE-2021 | IA&AS

Hello Everyone, My name is Pareekshit Sihag. I’ve secured 549 Rank in the UPSC CSE 2021. I would like to thank Karandeep Sir and LevelUp IAS team for their immense role in my success in Anthropology as an optional subject. The Test Series at LevelUp IAS was immensely beneficial because the questions were unconventional but they were very similar to what appeared in the actual examination, so it helped me prepare my mind for such questions. So I would like to thank Karandeep Sir and LevelUp IAS.

Priya Meena photo

Priya Meena

AIR-548 | CSE-2021 | IRS (IT)
I was a student of the 2021 Anthropology Test Series of Levelup IAS. The test series, it’s timely evaluation and the value addition from the test solutions helped address the unanticipated questions in the final exam confidently.
I am truly grateful to Karandeep Sir and the entire team of Levelup IAS for helping me in this journey.