Nishat Singh

Nishat Kumar Singh (Sociology Optional)

Nishat Sir has an illustrious academic background – B.Tech (IIT BHU), MA Sociology (Delhi School of Economics, DU) and M.Phil/PhD (JNU).

He is popular for his pedagogic approach which focuses on the intersection of the three – subjects, students, and the exam. With it, he has helped more than 300 aspirants to secure top ranking in the Civil services exam in the last six years.

His Sociology Foundation & Test series have become very popular among the students because of its relevance and closeness to Mains exam pattern. He helps students by focusing on improving their writing skills through individual mentoring.

Nishat Sir’s Maxims: Methodology, Philosophy, and Approach

Nishat K Singh’s teaching philosophy is grounded in practical wisdom and a deep understanding of the UPSC’s expectations. Here are some of his key maxims that guide his methodology and approach

  • “Score depends not on your knowledge but your writing skills; knowledge should be like the 6th attempt but write up should be like the 1st attempt.” 
  • “Examiners check vertically not horizontally.” This highlights the importance of structure, meeting demand of the question, and mastering the art of answer writing
  • “Anyone can learn and score exceptionally high marks.” Nishat sir believes that Sociology is an approachable subject that can be mastered by anyone with the right guidance and effort.
  • “You have not understood the concept if you can’t explain it to a rickshawallah.” True understanding of a concept is evident when you can simplify and explain it clearly to someone without a background in the subject.
  • “Understanding comes with thinking in lone time – keep time for yourself.” Nishat sir advocates for dedicating time for solitary reflection and study, which helps in deeply internalising and understanding concepts